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As a fire extinguisher inspection company in Brisbane, we provide the best recommendations for when you need to buy, install and maintain your fire extinguishers.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Many people know what fire extinguishers to use if their house catches fire. That’s great, because it means the potential for damage caused by a fire is reduced. But what about the fires you don’t see coming? The ones that begin slowly and develop helplessly. The kind of fires for which you might not have a fire extinguisher ready. These are the kinds of fires that take on a life of their own, burning so hot and so quickly that a single fire extinguisher could never make a dent in stopping them. The best way to protect yourself against these types of fires is with inspections; inspections provided by Fire Extinguisher Inspection Company In Brisbane.

Keeping your equipment running is crucial to keeping your business running. By choosing a professional Safety Officer, you can keep your Fire Extinguisher Inspection: The Middle Ground of Risk Assessments in Brisbane up-to-date and inspected by a licensed Gas Fitter. With years of experience on checking Fire Extinguishers, in accordance with AS3745 Standards are maintained.


It’s often overlooked, but fire extinguisher inspections can help to keep you, your workplace and public spaces safe. Fire extinguisher inspectors specifically look for safety features on fire extinguishers to ensure they are working correctly and have the capacity to extinguish a fire. While we’re all aware of the importance of these safety devices, many people don’t realise the frequency that fire extinguisher inspections need to occur.

Fire extinguishers are an essential part of any business or home. They are used in the event of a fire to protect property and people from the damage and destruction that can result. Unfortunately, many people don’t realise that fire extinguishers need to be regularly inspected and serviced in order to keep them safe and effective.

At Fire Extinguisher Inspections we provide a wide range of services designed to ensure that all your fire extinguisher needs are met. Our expert team has more than 30 years’ experience in the industry, and our comprehensive inspections cover every aspect of your extinguishers. We can also give you advice on how best to use them, as well as advise on what type will be most suitable for your particular needs.

Our inspections include:

  • Inspection of each individual fire extinguisher
  • Checking for compliance with Australian Standards AS3745-2009 and AS4685-2009
  • Calibration of all pressure gauges against a high accuracy pressure gauge
  • Testing of all valve seals to ensure they operate properly
  • Visual inspection from outside the cabinet

To stand the test of time, it’s important that your fire extinguishers are inspected, serviced and tested on a regular schedule. By scheduling these services regularly, you will ensure that if a fire breaks out in your home or office building, you and everyone around you will be protected by your fire fighting equipment. Contact us to find out more about Fire Extinguisher Inspections.


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