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At FCF we pride ourselves in ensuring we are giving our customers the best products, service and solutions. With this, we also believe it is important to educate our customers, so they know what their obligations are as an occupier in a commercial premises and how to avoid being dealt a dud deal if not fully being aware of what is required for fire compliance or even what can happen if occupiers think they can do the job themselves.

In Queensland, it is a requirement to have a QBCC licence to test, install or maintain prescribed fire safety installations. This even includes fire extinguishers, no one should be installing, testing or maintaining fire extinguishers without a QBCC licence. It is a requirement under the Building Fire Safety Regulations 2008 and Queensland Development Code MP6.1 that occupiers are responsible for engaging a qualified person to maintain fire safety installations. FCF are qualified and QBCC licenced, so engaging us will ensure you as an occupier is meeting this requirement under the regulations and are not at risk of being fined.

FCF are dedicated to providing products that will last. Customers may think that buying an extinguisher online or at the hardware shop down the road will suffice and meet requirements for fire safety compliance. This is not necessarily the case at all. Buying from suppliers that are not experts in the field can result in extinguishers being purchased that are not certified. An extinguisher in a commercial premises is to be certified, with a tag stamped with the inspection conducted to put the extinguisher into service. With this, a certificate of maintenance is also provided with the name and licence details of the qualified person who deemed the extinguisher and premises to meet requirements of QLD MP6.1 and Australian Standards. It is also a risk that the extinguisher is not the correct size and type for the hazards present. This is where a qualified licenced FCF technician can advise on this.

These store or online bought extinguishers can also be least 12 months to two years old, which means you have already lost out on the service life of the product. Extinguishers are required to be pressure tested or replaced 5 years from manufacture date or the last pressure test date. So if you have purchased an extinguisher that is already 12 months old, you are only getting 4 years product life. Support your local fire service provider that are experts in their field and back all manufacturers warranties to ensure you are getting what is required to be fire compliant. FCF offer exclusive 5 year warranties on our fire extinguishers. You can’t beat service and quality.

Get in touch now to see how FCF can help with you fire safety compliance.

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